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‘League of Legends’ Dev Team Confirms Upcoming Spin-Off Fighting Game Will Be Free-to-Play

Riot Games has now confirmed that its upcoming League of Legends 2D fighting game codenamed Project L will be completely free-to-play. Announcing the news in a new developer's update featured above, the video game studio says that you'll be able to access Project L without any monetary barriers at all, although much like Riot's other titles, there will be optional microtransactions for you to unlock even more content within the title. The studio's senior director and executive producer Tom Cannon reassured fans that “When it comes to monetization, we promise to be respectful of both your time and your wallet."

On top of confirming the free-to-play nature of Project L, the latest development update also introduced Illaoi, the latest champion to join the game. Dubbed a "Big Body Juggernaut" by game designer Caroline Montano, the character will feature a "huge hurtbox, massive hits, and slower movement, with a simple-to-learn, hard-to-master kit."

Unfortunately, there's no release date just yet for Project L, so those interested should stay tuned for more updates to come from Riot.

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