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Logitech’s Chorus Will Elevate Your Meta Quest 2’s Audio Experience

The Meta Quest 2 is arguably one of the best wireless virtual reality headsets currently available on the market, but its audio output has long been an area that has left gamers wanting more. Fortunately, Logitech is now here to bring you an even more immersive experience thanks to its new Chorus speakers.

Boasting a sleek, lightweight design that weighs just 182 grams, the Chorus seamlessly connects to your Quest 2 by simply attaching to the device's head strap, drawing power directly through a USB-C cable so you won't need to bear the extra weight or hassle of an extra power source. The two speakers can rotate up and down depending on whether you're using them or not, and the open-back design pairs with dual custom-tuned BMR drivers to provide accurate and clear off-ear acoustics, allowing you to both dive into the virtual world while staying aware of your physical surroundings.

Priced at $100 USD, Logitech's new Chorus speakers for the Meta Quest 2 will be available soon over on its website or Amazon.

In other related news, Alienware is set to release two new gaming monitors with retractable headset stands.

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