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‘One Piece’ and Tamagotchi Introduce the “Choppertchi”

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, One Piece has teamed up with Bandai for a special Tamagotchi release. Dubbed the "Choppertchi," this time around the virtual pet toy centers around the beloved reindeer physician from the iconic manga/anime series. Instead of starting from the birth of your pet, Choppertchi starts when Chopped parts ways with his mentor Hiriluk and embarks on his journey to becoming a great doctor.

Through feeding and minigame routes, Chopper will take on different forms like the Heavy Point, Guard Point, Kung Fu Point and more. Inspired by the series, you can feed Chopper meat on the bone and cotton candy, while members of the Straw Hat crew will stop to visit between minigames.

Additionally, One Piece Bandai will also be releasing a Tamagotchi Smart. The more advanced Tamahgotchi sees classic pets dressed up as characters from One Piece. One Piece graphics, decorations, and minigames will also be available for fans of the series.

The One Piece x Tamagotchi Smart will be available November 23 and Choppertch will be arriving February 25. Head over to Bandai's website to learn more and vote for your favorite design from the five possible options put together.

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