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Shoot Down Massive Monsters With Your Friends In Nexon’s Free-to-Play ‘The First Descendant’

MapleStory developer Nexon has now dropped the trailer for The First Descendant, offering a vastly different experience in the form of a third-person shooter RPG. Completely free-to-play, the new Unreal Engine 5 game is designed to be a co-op experience you can share with up to three of your friends, allowing you to combat massive enemies and monsters with your futuristic armor-clad characters and their high-tech weapons while slinging around with grappling hooks, almost like a science-fiction Monster Hunter.

As part of the Descendants, you'll also possess mysterious powers that make you stronger and faster, giving you special abilities while you protect the rest of humanity against its invaders and discover the secrets of your kind.

Unfortunately, Nexon hasn't announced an official release date just yet for The First Descendant, but the free title will be available in the near future for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC via Steam. As usual, you can also expect a variety of loot boxes and optional microtransactions from the South Korean developer to help bolster your gameplay and progression.

Elsewhere in gaming, Striking Distance Studios has also released a new, gruesome gameplay trailer for The Callisto Protocol.

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