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Sony Introduces “InZone” Monitors and Spatial Gaming Headsets

Expanding its lineup of electronics offerings, Sony recently introduce "InZone," a new line of PC gaming displays and gaming headsets. Leading the brand from Sony Electronics is the "InZone M9," priced at $899 USD, the 27-inch 4K monitor features an IPS panel with full-array local dimming. Aside from having a 144Hz refresh rate and 1-millisecond gray to gray response time, the monitor is DisplayHDR 600-certified, covering 95 percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut.

Perfected for gaming, the InZone M9 is G-Sync compatible and supports variable refresh rate (VRR) gaming with its HDMI 2.1 port. When connected to a Sony PlayStation 5, the display will automatically switch to HDR low-latency and picture processing modes when gaming or watching a movie.

Priced at $529 USD, the more affordable "InZone M3" is a 4K display that offers 240Hz Full HD resolution. Despite lower dynamic range performance, the DisplayHDR 400 certification M3 still features a 1-millisecond gray to gray response time and PS5 compatible G-Sync and VRR gaming.

Priced at $299, $229 and $99 USD respectively, are the accompanying "InZone H9," "InZone H7," and "InZone H3" gaming headsets. The H9 headphones, outfitted with "soft fit" leather, feature active noise cancellation, Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity and support for spatial audio. The H7 headphones omit the comfortable synthetic leather but comes with 40 hours of usage (compared to the 32 hours with the H9). The cheapest H3 headphones connect simply to your PC or PS5 through a 3.5mm headphone jack or USB.

The Sony Electronics InZone M9 and M3 will be released sometime this winter, while the H9, H7, and H3 are set to be available this summer.

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