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Channel Your Inner Eleven at the ‘Stranger Things’ Immersive Experience in Singapore

On June 30, the Mighty Jaxx Group and Netflix officially unveiled Stranger Things - The Encounter: Singapore, an immersive retail experience that transports visitors into the world of Stranger Things.

Situated at the 10-storeyed Bugis+ mall, dedicated spaces on the second and seventh floors have been transformed into iconic locations from the Duffer Brothers’ acclaimed sci-fi series. Visitors will find themselves fully immersed in the experience as they follow in the footsteps of the protagonists, hopping from regular hang-out spots in the town of Hawkins to channeling their inner Eleven in the Upside Down.

The experience begins at the Palace Arcade, followed by a dark yet thrilling game at the Hellfire Club. Visitors are then guided to re-live an iconic season one moment, where Christmas lights flicker erratically at the Byers' living room. From there, guests will be ushered into the ominous Russian lab, before being pulled into the realm of the Upside Down, and dragged into the Creel house to battle the mighty Vecna.

In addition, a fully-themed retail and F&B area recreate all the vibrance and bustle of Starcourt Mall. The faithfully recreated Scoops Ahoy is the perfect spot for anyone with a sweet tooth. While Steve and Robin may not be there to serve you sundaes and soft-serves, fans can indulge in exclusive flavors such as Milo Dinosaur, Eddie’s Hellfire Cone, and Eleven’s favorite Waffle ice cream. Those who prefer savory over sweets can pop by Surfer Boy Pizza, where a broad selection of flavors and toppings are offered, atop Stranger Things-inspired options like Singapore Stranger, Surfer Boy, and Hellfire Club.

Stranger Things - The Encounter: Singapore is open for bookings and walk-ins until October 1, 2023. Ticket prices range from $15 - $39 SGD (approximately $12 - $30 USD) and are available for purchase via the official website.

201 Victoria St,
Singapore 188067

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