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CIDERGIRL Drops “Hikosen” Music Video With DHL FAST-TRACK

Spotlighting emerging acts across the world, DHL’s FAST-TRACK program is its new venture into the music realm. For the latest episode, the global logistics brand has partnered with Tokyo-based J-pop collective CIDERGIRL.

As the third act to join the initiative, DHL has created a conceptual music video for the band’s single “Hikosen” from the album series SODA POP FAN CLUB. With the track’s lyrics referencing airships, adapting the single into a music video was a perfect fit for DHL. Inspired by anime, the visuals follow the protagonist Lily’s journey on a quest to unveil the contents of a mysterious package.

HYPEBEAST spoke with Yurin, Tomo and Fujimura of CIDERGIRL to discuss the band’s formation, creative process as well as the latest partnership with DHL.

HYPEBEAST: Tell us about your journey into music? How did you form CIDERGIRL?

Yurin: We met on the Internet and formed the group to perform a live show.

Fujimura: The band was formed by us three who had been working as creators on the Internet at the behest of our acquaintances. Although we originally recognized each other's works, Yurin and I met for the first time on the day of our debut rehearsal as a band.

Tomo: I met Yurin and Fujimura when making music using VOCALOID. I had the same vision as the band and thought that with them I could expand my music.

What is the one thing that connects you all as a band?

Y: We must like each other's music.

T: We’re all good friends, also composing and arranging music is a mutual hobby for us.

F: We are not a typical boy band. Each of us has a completely different personality and character, and I think that balance is just right.

What unique qualities do each of you bring to the creative process?

Y: We all write songs, so we basically follow what the composer wants to do.

T: The person who wrote the lyrics for each song leads the production and performs it in the studio based on their concept.

F: We often share our opinions and decide on the direction of the project. For music videos, we sometimes expand on the image of the songwriter.

cidergirl hikosen dhl fast track music video anime japan tokyo j-pop interview logistics

cidergirl hikosen dhl fast track music video anime japan tokyo j-pop interview logistics

cidergirl hikosen dhl fast track music video anime japan tokyo j-pop interview logistics

cidergirl hikosen dhl fast track music video anime japan tokyo j-pop interview logistics

cidergirl hikosen dhl fast track music video anime japan tokyo j-pop interview logistics

Why do you keep your identity hidden?

CG: We do not show our faces in order to cut out unnecessary information and have the audience concentrate on our music.

In what ways do your surroundings influence CIDERGIRL’s aesthetic?

Y: Each of us have different roots, such as punk and metal, that’s why CIDERGIRL cannot be created by one individual.

T: I have been publishing my work on the Internet for some time, and I think the idea for CIDERGIRL was born from a combination of my admiration for rock band sounds.

F: Since each of us have completely different musical and movie inspirations, we’ve been able to create three different views of the world.

How does it feel to take your music to a global audience?

Y: I don't really feel it yet, but I hope to be able to perform live and produce music for people outside of Japan soon. DHL FAST-TRACK is helping us reach a global audience through the program and that’s really exciting.

T: I honestly feel happy because I’ve always wanted to bring music to a variety of people.

F: I have always believed music is a common language that can be enjoyed even if you don't speak the same language. I look forward to seeing what feelings are sparked from people around the world when they listen to our music thanks to DHL.

What is the meaning behind the single “Hikosen”?

T: Each song is produced with the hope that it will make a difference in someone's life. I feel like we were able to pack in all the feelings we wanted to convey so I hope that the song will trigger people to pursue their dreams.

F: We created this work with the feeling that we could become an airship aka “Hikosen” and fly to the people who are waiting for us right now.

“Hikosen” is from your third album. Why is now the right time to drop the music video?

Y: When DHL approached us about their FAST-TRACK project, we thought it would be a perfect fit for the theme of delivery.

T: This song is filled with the concept of delivering music and our dreams to the world just like DHL does. It felt exactly right for this project and led us to partner to create the music video.

F: From the title, I thought it would fit perfectly with the theme of "Going Beyond the Sea to Deliver Music”.

What is the concept behind the video?

CG: Using an animated music video, you will be able to immerse yourself in our music from various perspectives with a worldview that cannot be expressed in a live-action video.

Check out the visuals to CIDERGIRL's "Hikosen" above. To find more information on DHL's FAST-TRACK program, visit the dedicated website.

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