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Cordae Makes His TED Talk Debut

At just 24 years old, the 2-time GRAMMY Award-nominated rapper Cordae makes his TED Talk debut with a speech titled "The Hi Level Mindset." Cordae's talk walks through his journey as a young dreamer to where he is now, having achieved much of what he laid out in his early visions. The young hip-hop artist attributes the "Hi Level Mindset" to his mother, who gave birth to him at 16 years old and raised him as a single mother. As a way to navigate life, and especially the trying times, Cordae lays out five rules that he lives by:

1. Remain Positive
2. Always be intentional with your desires
3. Discipline = Excellence
4. Remove Negative People
5. Create a legacy

Tying in his personal experiences, Cordae encourages listeners to do everything that you put your hands on at the highest possible level. The "Hi Level Mindset" is not a recipe for perfection, but a commitment to honoring your potential and what you have to offer the world. Cordae further urges listeners to never allow small failures let you lose sight of the bigger picture.

"We only have one life to live. 110 years maximum if you're a health guru and you have great health insurance. How are you going to maximize your time on this earth," Cordae says towards the end of his speech. "Each chapter isnt going to be perfect, but how do you want your story to end? In anguish and a bunch of what ifs or leaving legacy. I choose legacy, the Hi Level way."


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