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Adult Swim Releases ‘Rick and Morty’ Season Six Teaser

With season six of Rick and Morty releasing in just a little over a month, Adult Swim has dropped a short and sweet promo.

While the first teaser for the upcoming season is short, it does give audiences a glimpse of what to expect in the adventures of Rick and Morty. In one clip in the teaser, Morty can be seen taking a yellow portal gun and entering into a universe where he realizes that Rick is no longer the most intelligent one around. The events of season six follow the shake-up of season five, opening the series to a whole new multiverse. With the fifth season ending with a question of redefining the multiverse, it left fans with several questions regarding the future of the duo.

The adventure of Rick and Morty is slated to continue this Fall on Adult Swim starting on September 4 at 11 p.m. ET. Take a look above at the season six teaser as it holds fans over before the premiere.

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