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Amazon Prime Hikes Prices By up to 43% In Europe

Amazon will soon be raising the annual prices for its Prime subscription in Europe dramatically. In the U.K., the annual price is moving up from £79 GBP to £95 GBP (approximately $95 to $114 USD), roughly equating to a 20% rise.

While it's already a big jump, things get even more inflated in continental Europe. Germany sees a 30% increase from €69 EUR to €89.90 EUR (approximately $83 to $108 USD), while both Spain and Italy will be moving up by 39% from €36 EUR to €49.90 EUR (approximately $43 USD to $60 USD). France is hit the worst, seeing prices surge by a staggering 43% from €49 EUR to €69.90 EUR (approximately $59 to $84 USD).

The price hikes will come into effect around September, and also follows shortly after the service also increased its cost for U.S. customers, bringing it up from $119 USD per year to $139 USD. Reuters reports that Amazon mainly blames "increased inflation and operating costs" for the changes, though it also attributes it to faster shipping speeds and a wider pool of streaming content on its video platform.

In other related news, Facebook will now pay you to use Post Malone's music in your videos.

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