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Arlene Shechet Creates Lively Sculptures Made of Paradoxical Materials

Though static in appearance, motion is a constant theme within the work of Arlene Shechet. Based between New York City and the Hudson Valley, the 71-year-old artist tirelessly crafts vibrant totem-like sculptures that are made up of a combination of found materials, along with clay and paint.

Coinciding with the recent Art Basel Hong Kong, Shechet unveiled a new solo exhibition at Pace Gallery. In Moon in the Morning — a title that reflects the visual paradoxes she employs — Shechet presents a series of assemblages comprised of wood, brass, powder coated steel and glazed ceramic. Each is chromatically finished to spark a thought-provoking choreography with each other.

“I don’t make drawings," she once told The New York Times. "I don’t figure it out before. I grab these things and put one next to the other," she added. Relying more on impulse, Shechet engages in a spiritual dialogue through the act of creation — resulting in biomorphic forms of seemingly disparate materials and contradictory motifs.

Moon in the Morning is on view at Pace's Hong Kong outpost until June 30.

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Pace Gallery
H Queen's, 80,
12/F Queen's Road Central,
Central, Hong Kong

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