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Asterisk and How2work Ready Tim Comix Figure by Martí Guerrero

Building on its long line of collaborations, eclectic Hong Kong retailer, Asterisk, has now teamed up with How2work for the creative and design imprint to launch "AHHA." The collaborative project between Asterisk and How2work is set to be launched with a collectible vinyl figure release featuring Tim Comix by Martí Guerrero.

Created 10 years ago by the Mexican artist, Tim Comix is an imaginative terrestrial and extraterrestrial monster conceived to spread pure happiness through amusing facial gestures with bright and vivid colors. "With the landing of a meteorite into the residual waters of the Mexico City canals, a chemical reaction between organic material from the meteorite and bacterial material from the residual waters occurred. That night, Tim was born." Through his Tim Comix character, Guerrero explores stories of fears, love, longing, hopes, and dreams through comics, illustrations, paintings, and sculptures.

Building on recent Tim Comix collaborations with CDG, Better™ Gift Shop, and Gimme Five, Asterisk and How2work's upcoming AHHA release is inspired by the whimsical fun of retro kids toys. The figure is rendered in bright blue with splashes of green, burgundy, and pink, accented by contrasting black. Articulation throughout also allows the figure to be posed in a variety of ways.

The Asterisk x How2work AHHA Tim Comix by Martí Guerrero collectible figure will be available exclusively via Asterisk October 22, 8 a.m. UST.

Shop 9, Basement, 15 Queen's Road,
Central, Hong Kong


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