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Case Studyo and Jean Jullien Partner on Sculptural Chairs

Playful, intimate and always relatable — the art of Jean Jullien is about connection. Whether a whimsical set of bowls or a breezy beach scene, the French artist has a unique ability to reawaken our senses to the ordinary moments of daily life.

For his latest project, Jullien teamed up with Case Studyo on two new chairs titled The Cousins: Antoine & Charles. Having debuted during his 2016 Flat Out exhibition, the French artist presents two new "paper people" sculptures which have since become a hallmark of his practice. Unlike past editions, Antoine & Charles are the first fully functional seating objects made to brighten up your day.

Antoine & Charles come painted in pink and blue automotive paint respectively and are an edition of 10, plus two artist proofs. The chairs size in at 3.7 x 1.9 x 3 feet and are available to purchase at Case Studyo.

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