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‘Down With The King’ Starring Freddie Gibbs Receives Official Streaming Release Date

Down With The King, the feature film debut of Freddie Gibbs, has received an official streaming and on-demand release date along with a brand new trailer.

The Diego Ongaro-helmed movie is set to hit digital and on-demand on June 28, and stars Gibbs as disillusioned rapper Money Merc. His manager Paul, portrayed by David Krumholtz, sends him to a rural area to help him regain his interest in music, but it backfires once Merc realizes he prefers a much simpler life and announces his retirement. As Merc creates relationships with locals like Bob Tarasuk's Bob, Sharon Washington's Darlene and Jamie Neumann's Michaele, Paul must try his best to lure his client back into the lucrative industry.

In 2021, right after Down With The King held its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, HYPEBEAST spoke with Gibbs about his role as Merc and why he decided to take on the role despite his initial skepticism. “I don’t want people to be like, ‘Oh, he’s just playing himself.’ What’s the challenge in that?” he said, “I wanted to do something compelling, something more avant-garde. You know, more of a challenge. I can easily get a bunch of guys together and be gangster and shoot a gangster ass movie about selling drugs. Okay, cool. That’s been done so many times.” Once he understood the complexity of Merc's character, he signed on, “I get it now. And I think this would be a good thing to help me transition into other roles. Diego is the best, he really made me comfortable on set. He walked me through everything. He basically taught me how to act on set. I had the experience of being fresh out of the frying pan and into the fire.”

Watch the full trailer above. Down With The King premieres June 28.

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