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DRIFT Plays With the Perception of Time in New Edition

It's easy to forget that time is perceived differently from culture to culture. In Western societies, such as the United States and Switzerland, there is a linear model that a 2014 INSIDER report equated to being tied to efficiency and maximizing profits. Whereas in some Eastern civilizations, there is a cyclic-oriented perception of time, where scarcity isn't as much a factor because there is an understanding that the events of life unfold in an infinite model of renewal.

Whatever construct of time you adhere to, the clock is a universal object that we can all relate to and the thematic base of a new sculptural edition by DRIFT. Instead of winding in a clockwise motion, the two brass-tipped hands rotate in a circular fashion through a delicate nylon thread tied to a smaller gearbox packaged in a white Corian frame.

Emblematic of their past work, Sine draws reference to the relationship between humans and nature. In a statement on the release, members Gordijn and Ralph Nauta, spoke of how they aim to unite onlookers in a cyclical motion to live in sync with others. “The infinity of energy that we see in nature inspires a sense of connectedness and unity. It makes us feel part of a bigger whole,” said the collective.

Sine is an edition of 50 and will be available to purchase via Avant Arte on August 1 at 9am ET. Ahead of the launch, however, 10 artworks will be on public display at Fosbury & Sons in Amsterdam between July 29-31.

In related news, Phaidon will release the first ever monograph on DRIFT.

Fosbury & Sons
Prinsengracht 769,
1017 JZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

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