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Felipe Pantone’s Latest Exhibition Invites You to Manipulate the Artwork

As technology continues to tailor each of our products and experiences, artist's such as Felipe Pantone wonder why the art world has not done the same. “Nowadays, everything is manipulable – we don’t listen to the radio, we curate our own playlists; we don’t watch TV, we choose which shows to stream. The Internet has made information itself configurable,” he said in a statement.

The Argentinian-Spanish artist's latest exhibition, "Manipulable" seeks to bridge this gap. Co-curated by ICNCLST and inspired by the Latin word manus (hand), which means "something that can be moved or operated using the hands," Pantone presents eight new kinetic works that invites you to arrange and rearrange its constituent elements.

Amongst the hypnotic work on display, Pantone's series, SUBTRACTIVE VARIABILITY CIRCULAR, will surely keep your hands and minds spinning. “Light, motion, and color define everything I do, and adding the element of touch brings everyone closer to the work. For the first time, all of my works for an exhibition have been made to be configured by the viewer. I believe it’s very contemporary that an audience can interact with what they’re consuming, and I wanted to create artworks that can respond to today’s world of self-curation.”

"Manipulable" is on view at Gallery COMMON until July 17.

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