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‘Final Fantasy’s Yoshitaka Amano Illustrates Batman ‘Detective Comics’ Cover

Included in the reveal of its August 2022 catalog, DC Comics shared that an upcoming issue of Detective Comics will receive a variant cover by Yoshitaka Amano. No stranger to comics, the artist responsible for Final Fantasy's distinct artwork has offered his talents for various titles in the past. Amano has provided variant artwork for comic titles like Superman Red and Blue, Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad and Batgirls.

Yoshitaka Amano has prepared a stunning variant cover for Detective Comics #1093 depicting his take on Batman. The Caped Crusader is seen embracing a woman that is believed to be, occasional lover and enemy, Talia al Ghul. DC Comics notes that the variant cover will be quite rare, as retailers will need to order 25 issues of the standard cover to receive a single cover by Amano.

Look for Detective Comics #1093 and the variant cover by Yoshitaka Amano to be available August 23 at select comic book retailers

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