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Gao Hang’s “Sofa Kit” Is a Reflection on Early Video Game Graphics

Gao Hang and L21 Gallery recently partnered up on an immersive group exhibition that invited visitors to discover art within a maze of faux-bricks. To follow, the two sides have joined forces again on a solo show that reflects the Chinese artist's humorous interest in early video game graphics.

"Sofa Kit", or "so fuck it", as it's phonetically supposed to be read, is inspired by the video game graphics of the past 20 years. For those of you who remember, the technology used back then was a big step up from the 2-bit animation from the 1980s. Shown side-by-side with today's games, one can't help but to see the naivety in both the graphics and the worlds in which they depict.

Behind the Chinese artist's implicitly funny compositions is a reflection on modern humans habits and our need for instant gratification. Classically trained, Hang purposefully uses fluorescent hues to grab the viewers attention and to reflect what he believes to be the colors of his generation.

Although he often places text over his paintings, such as in Sisyphus figured it all out, he steers away from the figurative moniker and describes himself as more of a color-field painter, such as Mark Rothko or Clyfford Still.

"Sofa Kit" is on view at L21 Gallery in Spain until September 7.

Also in the news, a new exhibition spotlights the architectural drawings of AKIRA.

L21 S’Escorxador
Hermanos García Peñaranda 1A
07010 Palma
Islas Baleares, Spain

Click here to view full gallery at HYPEBEAST

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