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GODA Is a New NFT Platform Inviting Artists to Go Digital

With the advent of NFTs and the array of platforms available for digital creation, it can be difficult for a creative to know where to start. This is where GODA (Gallery of Digital Assets) comes in. Founded by a diverse group of experts, including Nina Chanel Abney and Pharrell Williams, the upstart organization seeks to leverage this new medium in a way that stays faithful to each artist's unique voice.

“GODA is invested in all aspects of the process of making an NFT project come to life. From ideation and creative process to completion and execution is within the framework of GODA. Our number one priority is to provide a space conducive to experimentation and release projects that are compelling and forever evolving,” said Abney. “I’m excited to be a part of a community of artists and creatives that can share in the common goal of making timeless innovative projects that push the space forward.”

Members will gain access to a curated selection of drops from renowned art dealers and newcomers alike. The first release is scheduled for early this summer and will include the required GODA mint pass which guarantees access to future drops. Enter GODA's raffle your chance to secure a pass.

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