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HYPEBEAST Visits: Wretched Flowers Make Art Out of Death

Wretched Flowers is not your traditional florist. Instead of using plants and flowers that have come to signify beauty, such as a rose or tulip, the New York-based art collective forages plants on the outer fringes to create unique arrangements that are fused with modern day technology.

“We’re really about celebrating plants for what they are," the duo told us in a past interview for HYPEBEAST MAGAZINE. "For us, beauty is a leaf that’s been half-eaten by a caterpillar, not a pristine rose that’s been fumigated and covered in pesticides."

"Dead arrangements last forever."

For the latest edition of HYPEBEAST Visits, we caught up with the art collective to unearth the ways in which they seek to reimagine the image of the florist, while simultaneously blurring the lines between foraging and technology-based methods. "What do we consider to be natural? What do we consider to be unnatural or artificial?" These questions open a series of conversations that have resulted in eclectic and sometimes brooding vases, such as Starchaser, Monster Head and Mycelium Bondage.

Wretched has also embarked on a curious study by creating AI-generated images from simple sentences that they input into the computer. Check out the full feature on the art collective in the video above.

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