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Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Bitcoin Is a Horological Monument to Crypto

Jacob & Co has built a horological monument to crypto in the form of the 25-piece limited edition Astronomia Solar Bitcoin.

Basing the watch around Jacob & Co.’s most diminutive Astronomia movement, the JCAM19, allows for a comparatively slight 44mm case diameter, aided by the shrinking effect of a full black DLC coating of its titanium frame.

The watch is described as a symbolic tribute to “the world of cryptocurrencies and to its pioneering and leading example, Bitcoin.”

Jacob & Co. Celebrates Rise of Cryptocurrency With Astronomia Solar Bitcoin

Rich in the symbology of the Web 3.0 field, the watch features a rotating Bitcoin currency symbol and a miniature black rocketship, with flaming reactor, apparently destined ‘to the moon,’ which, in this case, is represented by 1Ct spherical Jacob cut diamond. A spherical yellow sapphire stands in for the sun which sits opposite a flying tourbillon, while the geocentric layout places a black and gold Earth at the centre of the dial.

The elements are all mounted on a three-armed platform that completes one rotation around the dial in 10 minutes, against a rotating “microchip-designed mainplate” backdrop that rotates in the opposite direction once every 11 minutes.

The 25-piece limited edition Astronomia Solar Bitcoin is available now via Jacob & Co., priced $348,000 USD.

In other watch news, Massena LAB and Louis Erard collaborate on an automatic regulator.

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