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Japanese Toy Maker Reveals Sushi-Making Truck Circuit

Becoming a master sushi chef can take years to achieve so a Japanese toy maker has created a way to get potential Maki masters started early.

Takara Tomy Arts has revealed Kurukuru Norimaki Kojo or “Around and Around Sushi Roll Factory” via its Youtube channel.

The toy seems to be based around the familiar format of Tomy's Big Loader circuit where a truck moves around different stations performing different tasks, here though the stations are loaded with different ingredients.

The process starts with a rice mould which helps children form the rice cores of what will eventually be Gunkan-maki. The rice cores are loaded onto the back of the truck and taken to the Seaweed Rolling Gate which rolls them in nori strips.

Finally, the maki receive their toppings at the Topping Drop Station, before being delivered by the truck to the Sushi Geta Slider.

Kurukuru Norimaki Kojo drops in October priced 6,578 JP¥ (approximately $49 USD).

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