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Javier Calleja and NANZUKA Release ‘Mr. Günter’ Water Bottle

Javier Calleja has worked with NANZUKA on a new limited-edition water bottle. The object is inspired by a feline character from Calleja's previous solo exhibition, Mr. Günter, The Cat Show, which went on view at Parco Museum in Tokyo earlier this summer.

Well-known for his big-eyed characters that oscillate between childlike innocence and everyday humor, Mr. Günter embodies the black cat archetype that is emblematic of Halloween season. With giant yellow eyes, Calleja, as he typically does with his figures, seeks to ellicit wonder within his audience by imbuing seemingly mundane occurrences with charm, humor and optimism.

Mr. Günter is an edition of 1,000 and is made using PVC, ABS, crystal glass, silicone and aluminum alloy. The hybrid sculpture-bottle sizes at 29.2 x 18.1 inches and comes packaged in a sleek black collectors box. Purchase your own today for $522 USD at NANZUKA's webshop.

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