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Jin Jeong Presents “Grounded” at Half Gallery

Jin Jeong is an abstract artist whose fluid shapes are inspired by the curvature of the human body. Born in Seoul and now based in New York, the Korean artist unveiled a new solo exhibition at Half Gallery, titled "Grounded."

Despite its drippy appearance, Jeong's vibrant compositions are constantly in dialogue with the real world. Described by the artist as "emotional landscapes," Jeong's washy paintings hark back to the large color-fields of Helen Frankenthaler but take on a more figurative undertone, drawing similarities to the rock formations explored by Georgia O’Keefe.

“I know my paintings seem to talk about beauty or harmony, but I hope that doesn't read as the main content of my works to the audience. Yes, I may utilize the objectivity of beauty as a visual element, and the painting may be embedded in my preference for harmonized imagery, simply as I would feel in nature," said Jeong in a statement.

"Grounded" is on view at Half Gallery in NYC until June 15.

Also on view, Nikkolos Mohammed presents the “Survivalist” at ALLCITY.

Half Gallery
235 E 4th St
New York, NY 10009

Click here to view full gallery at HYPEBEAST

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