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KAWS to Re-Release ‘CHUM’ Figures

KAWS recently took to Instagram to tease a series of CHUM figurines stacked on one another. For eager fans who may have missed the last drop, the acclaimed Brooklyn-based artist confirmed today that he will re-release the edition tomorrow morning.

"I can remember clearly packing and shipping the first CHUM release from my apartment in Brooklyn twenty years ago," said the artist. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, CHUM will re-release tomorrow morning in black, white, pink, orange and yellow.

Taking a backseat to his more popular COMPANION and BFF characters, CHUM, whose name means 'a close friend', is noticeably inspired by the popular Michelin Man. Despite its less favorable status amongst collectors, CHUM appeared in some of KAWS most notable collaborations early on — including a series of skate decks with Supreme in 2001, an ultra-rare low-top shoe with DC Shoes a year later and re-appearing as the poster child for his seminal WHAT PARTY exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum last year.

All five CHUM variants will release tomorrow, August 9 at noon ET on

For more on editions, Cody Hudson worked with Louis Buhl & Co. on two new hand-woven rugs.

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