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Michael Lau Invites You To Take a Walk “In the Garden” With Latest Exhibition

Following up on a solo exhibition continuing the legacy of his signature Gardner series, Michael Lau together with LGDR & Wei unveil a new showcase entitled "In the Garden."

The Hong Kong-based artist crops up 18 new artworks in addition to his Flower series which began back in 2020 -- floral characters taking the center stage as the protagonists. While Lau is widely known as the "Godfather of Designer Toys," he is also fond of painting three-dimensional figures with engaging characteristics in bold hues and combinations. Meshing together iconic masterpieces with his floral figures, Lau looks to influence feelings of optimism and positivity when dealing with the challenges of today.

"With flowers in the face, minds will be in the garden," Lau put it simply.

Highlighting the exhibition is The Flowery Surprise which sees Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper reimagined with Lau's flowers throughout a six-meter triptych. One-eyed floral figures surround the dinner table with humorous expressions replacing tension found in the original painting. Lau's inclusion of price tags is infused through the work with misspelled text slogans creating a surreal juxtaposition of varying dimensions and elements.

A self-portrait dubbed as Michael Flrwoe was created as a nod to Vincent van Gogh which features a playful take on the Post-Impressionist's own portraiture of himself with a bandaged ear and pipe. Other works found in the showcase explore the different stages of love as well as the passing down of wisdom.

"In the Garden" will be on view at LGDR & Wei, Hong Kong from July 15 to August 27.

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LGDR & Wei
2 Ice House Street,
Central, Hong Kong

Click here to view full gallery at HYPEBEAST

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