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Netflix Drops Eerie Trailer and Release Date for ‘The Sandman’

Netflix has announced the release date of Neil Gaiman's graphic novel film adaptation of The Sandman with a new teaser trailer.

The highly anticipated thriller series follows the events of Gaiman's popular graphic novels. The series will see Tom Sturridge act alongside Gwendolyn Christie, Stephen Fry and Patton Oswalt. Mark Hamill will also be voicing the kingdom's resident handyman Merv Pumpkinhead. The short teaser trailer gives audiences a look at what to expect and how Netflix aims to recreate the mystical realms.

Similar to the graphic novels, The Sandman series will follow the adventures of the King of Dreams, also known as Morpheus, as he escapes captivity and makes his way back to the kingdom of the Dreaming. While many factors and people including detective Johanna Constantine and The Corinthian are not entirely thrilled about the situation, Morpheus navigates the challenges and continues on his journey nonetheless.

Watch the teaser trailer above. The Sandman premiers on August 5 on Netflix.

Elsewhere in entertainment, Marvel has recently announced I Am Groot release date.

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