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Netflix Reportedly Disabling Offline Downloads for Upcoming Ad-Supported Subscription

While many might be attracted to Netflix's upcoming ad-supported subscription tier due to its supposedly more affordable pricing, it now appears that there are more restrictions to it than the company has revealed so far. In a new report from Bloomberg, app developer Steve Moser found code embedded within the Netflix iPhone app that seemingly blocks users from downloading shows and movies for offline viewing.

Limiting the feature could be a significant factor for new users, especially when you're hoping to watch something while there's no reception, perhaps during flights or in certain subway systems. Moser also found that you won't be able to access playback controls during ads either, meaning there's no way to skip them. The revelation comes shortly after Netflix's co-CEO and chief content officer Ted Sarandos confirmed that the ad-supported tier won't be offering access to all of the streaming platform's content either. Sarandos explained that while Netflix Originals will all be available, a portion of the service's third-party films and shows may not be viewable with ads due to licensing issues.

For now, Netflix hasn't announced an official launch date or pricing information yet for the ad-supported tier, but as more details emerge, it seems that the new plan will need a pretty competitive price point if it were to attract new users given its restrictions.

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