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New ‘Ms. Marvel’ Trailer Spotlights Kamal Khan’s Superpowers

Gearing up for the introduction of Marvel's first Muslim superhero on Disney+, the studio has released a new trailer for Ms. Marvel.

The new trailer sees Kamala Khan, a Pakistani American teenager from New Jersey wield her superhuman abilities. Audiences can see the moment where Khan transforms from a teenager to a superhero and subsequently, the immediate effects it has on her life. The trailer provides a detailed snippet of her adjustment to superhero life, from her obsession with Captain Marvel to how she uses her powers.

The beginning of the trailer sees Khan in conversation with the mosque's priest as she explains that Captain Marvel would be able to convince everyone "how she's good." THe priest then responds, "Good is not a thing you are Kamala… it is a thing you do." The moment draws similarities to the iconic Spider-Man moment where Uncle Ben tells Peter Parker that "with great power comes great responsibility." Khan later finds her grandmother's bracelet and seems to set off her powers. The trailer spotlights how she is able to manipulate her power as time goes on.

Ms. Marvel premieres on Disney+ on June 8.

Elsewhere in entertainment, Marvel has dropped the much-anticipated official Thor: Love and Thunder trailer.

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