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‘One Piece’ Manga Breaks Guinness World Record, Surpassing 500 Million Copies

Just last week, Eiichiro Oda's legendary One Piece manga officially broke a Guinness World Record. The ever-popular manga has surpassed 500 million copies published globally.

Amongst the copies sold, 416,566,000 are sold in Japan with 100 million copies sold in areas outside of the origin country in 60 countries and regions overseas. In June 2015, the manga also set another record for selling 320,866,000 copies worldwide by December 2014. The major feat sees the manga receive the title of the "World's Most Published Comics Series by a Single Author." Recently, Oda took a one-month break in June to prepare for the manga's "final saga," returning on July 25.

While the final saga is imminent, the One Piece franchise has recently released the One Piece Film Red in Japanese theaters last week with the international release arriving soon. One Piece's editor-in-chief Hiroyuki Nakano took to Twitter to make the Guinness World Record announcement. Take a look below.

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