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Studio Visits: Barbara Sánchez-Kane

Artist. Designer. Thinker. Barbra Sánchez-Kane, the founder of semi-eponymous label Sánchez-Kane defies categorization, working from her studio in Mexico City to create both clothes and large-scale artworks — the former of which she describes as "even [sexier] than actual sex itself." Sánchez-Kane's practices are inspired by her dreams, which she then applies to her practices, and she welcomed Hypebeast into her studio space for the latest installment of "Visits," an exclusive video series that shows creatives at work in their studios, ateliers, homes and more.

"Drawing, painting, sculpture, fashion ... I thought I needed permission to create, you know?" Sánchez-Kane tells us. "In Mexico, there are three roles for women: the whore, the mother and the Virgin Maria. That's all that's available." Of course, as a woman who refuses to be slotted in to any of those roles, Sanchez lives and breathes creativity through her multiple pursuits. Over the course of the video, she takes us through two of her workspaces — one at home, the other a separate studio — and shares her thoughts on her multiple practices.

When you're done checking out Barbara Sánchez-Kane's studio(s) be sure to take a gander at previous installments in the series, which spotlight Dapper Dan, Jimmy Butler, Bianca Saunders and Makayla Wray.

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