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The Rock’s Daughter, Simone Johnson, Announces Her Professional WWE Wrestling Name

Simone Johnson -- daughter of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson -- has just officially unveiled her professional World Wrestling Entertainment name -- Ava Raine. Signing a contract back in 2020, Johnson's debut has been delayed due to WWE Performance Center training and her third knee surgery.

Triple H, who is now serving as the executive vice president for Global Talent Strategy & Development at WWE and executive producer for NXT commented back in 2019:

I know she has 'the bug' of the business. She caught the love of it from her father. If you were to ask The Rock, there's nothing like that electricity, that connection he has with people. It all stems from his time in WWE His love of that is evident. I think she sees that as well. It's in her blood. If it's something that she wants to pursue -- I know that he is big, like I am, on continuing education and doing everything the right way. I know he believes it's a wonderful business. I know he would be proud to have her be a part of (the business). Will you see more of her in the future? It would be hard not to see her in the future.

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