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UNO Joins Takashi Murakami for New “Artiste” Release

Mattel's UNO has just announced a new release from its Artiste Series. This time around, for the fifth deck, the classic card game is linking with Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami.

Now adding to the list that includes Jean-Michel Basquait, Keith Haring, Nina Chanel Abney, and Shepard Fairey, Murakami applies his Superflat artwork and signature characters for a colorful take on UNO. Those looking to add another deck to their collection can find the UNO Artiste Series: Takashi Murakam edition releasing on Mattel Creations August 5 for a price of $22 USD.

In other card game news, Pokémon announces new Halloween trading card game: Trick or Trade BOOster bundle.

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