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VERDY’s Wasted Youth and Budweiser Link for Limited-Edition Beer

Following a limited run of Notorious B.I.G. tallboy cans, Budweiser has now announced a collaboration with graphic artist VERDY's Wasted Youth label.

In this first-ever collaboration, VERDY presents limited-edition beer cans and bottles that remix Budweiser's heritage red/white packaging from 1999. The pale lager cans display stylized Wasted Youth and VERDY co-branding and an illustration of a red tulip sprouting from a "WY" beer can as seen in the graphic artist's past collaborations and projects. Bottles feature similar exterior accents printed on the sticker labels and the red asymmetric "Wasted Youth" tag on the bottleneck. Setting the scene for the collaboration are crushed can lookbook visuals and skate-themed campaign videos that pay homage to Wasted Youth's street culture influences.

The Wasted Youth x Budweiser beer cans can now be found in select supermarkets and convenience stores around the world and the limited-edition glass bottles are set to arrive on July 1.


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