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Ziorich Introduces Anti-Stain Ramen T-Shirt

For those that can't help but get their shirts dirty when eating, Ziorich has invented a T-shirt that resists stains. Dubbed simply the "Ramen T-Shirt," the clothing invention from the Japanese brand is designed for slurping ramen without the risk of mess.

In Japanese culinary tradition, ramen is supposed to be slurped to enjoy the soup noodles to their greatest potential. But the act of slurping can easily cause stains on light-colored clothing due to the rich-colored broth. The Ramen T-Shirt effortlessly fights against stains, with broth splatter simply removed with a bit of water and a napkin. Although the shirt is not tested with any other food, but it is expected to hold the same anti-stain capabilities.

Catch Ziorich's Ramen T-Shirt in action above and head over to the brand's website to learn more.


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