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Apple is Letting You Save $70 on AirPods Max

Save $70 on AirPods Max.

Right here, right now, you can save a whopping $70 on a brand new pair of AirPods Max headphones.

Pick Up the AirPods Max in Your Favorite Color for Just $479 - Save $70 without Discount Codes or Coupons

Getting onboard the AirPods bandwagon is super easy, thanks to Apple offering multiple models at different price points. But, if you’re looking to go super high end, you have that option at hand, too.

That option is AirPods Max, and they are not cheap at $549. But, Apple wants to save you a handful of money today with a $70 discount on the infamous headphones.

Once you part ways with your money, you get a pair of extremely high quality headphones that has the AirPods DNA in them around every corner. From instant pairing to automatic device switching to the most balanced sound you’ve ever heard, the AirPods Max does it all.

Thanks to noise cancellation, you will be surprised to learn how easy it is to block the outside world and focus on your favorite song. Or, you can do the opposite of noise cancellation by taking the transparency route which lets all the sound in, giving you the complete AirPods experience while being fully aware of the environment around you.

This is a limited time deal only and you should hurry up if you want to save that $70.

Buy Apple AirPods Max Wireless Over-Ear Headphones - Was $549, now just $479

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