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Apple’s Fitness App will No Longer Require Apple Watch

Apple's Fitness App will No Longer Require Apple Watch

The WWDC 2022 was full of exciting releases and some surprises as well, and when Apple announced the iOS 16, one of the best things that the company announced is that the famous Fitness app is finally going standalone. For those who do know, in the past, you would need to have an Apple Watch in order to fully utilize the Fitness app. However, this is no longer needed, because with iOS 16, the app will be included on every iPhone and users will be able to use it without having an Apple Watch at hand.

The Fitness App Can Now Work on Your iPhone without The Apple Watch

Now, of course, the support will not be the same as you would get when you are using the Fitness app with an iPhone but it is still close enough. For those wondering, the app will use your iPhone's motion sensors to track things like steps, a feature that we have seen in a lot of phones in the past. Everything that your iPhone will track can be put toward closing your rigs, and it definitely is a big change for the app itself.

However, iOS 16 in itself is a massive update with a ton of changes. For those wondering about what else is there in the new update, you can check out this post and get all the information on the iOS 16. You can catch the rest of WWDC 2022 coverage here.

Apple's decision to make the Fitness app stand-alone is definitely a step in the right direction. However, the company has not forgotten the usefulness of an Apple Watch either because the watch is definitely going to provide you with a more comprehensive experience. If you do need some basic tracking, the app and your iPhone are good to go without any issues.

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