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Atomic Heart Unleashes Relentless Action in a New Trailer, 2022 Release Date Holds Strong

Atomic Heart

It’s been some time since we’ve seen any new footage of the visually-impressive BioShock-inspired shooter Atomic Heart, but today developer Mundfish dropped a new combat trailer, and well, you’re going to be out of breath after watching this one. The action is fast, relentless, and bursting with all manner of effects. In addition to regular enemy encounters, which are intense enough, we also get a peek at a few boss fights. You can check out the new trailer for yourself, below.

Dang! I already know this game is probably going to be too intense for me, but good luck for everybody brave enough to jump in! Haven’t been keeping up with Atomic Heart? Do check out Wccftech’s latest Q&A with Mundfish and the following key features…

  • The Future USSR - A global system failure happens at the Soviet Facility №3826 that leads machinery to rebel against the people. You are Major P-3 and your task is to eliminate the consequences of a large-scale accident and prevent the leakage of classified information threatening to destroy the whole world.
  • Fierce Fighting - Study the behavior of your enemies and how they relate to each other. Use the varied arsenal of arms and special abilities of your polymer glove. Turn everything into a weapon: environment, objects, your own body, and even enemies themselves! Every fight will be different from the last.
  • The Face of the Soviet Dream - Explore huge research facilities and test sites. Find out more about the employees and their ways of life and work. Uncover soviet secrets! But know that death hides in every corner. Can you survive?
  • A Closed World Ecosystem - A neural network named “Kollektiv” unifies ground-based and flying robots alike into a single hivemind. If you are noticed either above or under the ground, the reinforcements from the nearest factory will come to kill you. Use hacking to break in unnoticed.
  • Craft and Modify - Use pieces and components with the “Chaika 3.0” device to create more than 30 types of melee weapons and firearms. Cassette cartridges and various modifications will help you use the environment to your advantage and exploit enemy vulnerabilities.

Atomic Heart developer publisher Mundfish was founded in Moscow, and rumors spread earlier this year that a decision to relocate and other disruptions related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine may mean the game is not coming until 2023. While the exact status of Mundfish is unknown, they’ve denied any delay rumors, and today on Twitter they reiterated Atomic Heart is coming in 2022.

We here at Wccftech hope for a resolution to the conflict and the safety of all Ukrainian citizens. If you wish to donate to the International Committee of the Red Cross to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, head to this page.

Atomic Heart is coming to PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5 in late 2022.

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