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Battlefield 3: Reality Mod Is Now Available for Download

Battlefield 3: Reality mod

As promised earlier this month, the long-awaited Battlefield 3: Reality mod is now available for download. The total conversion mod has been seven years in the making, stemming from Battlefield: Project Reality, and aims to deliver a much more immersive, realistic, tactical, and in-depth experience compared to the vanilla game.

It achieves the goal thanks to Venice Unleashed, a required modding and improvement framework for Battlefield 3. Below you'll find a beginner's guide to help you install the Battlefield 3: Reality mod. Do note that this is just version 0.1, and the development team has plans to add plenty of extra features before version 1.0.

VERSION 0.1 - First public playable version. A starting point
  • Custom spawn system (FOBs & Rally Points)
  • Adjusted game pace (movement / weapon-handling speed)
  • Gunplay (suppression / recoil / damage)
  • Adjusted gun / explosion sounds
  • Health and medic system (bleeding / bandaging / reviving)
  • Custom UI (main-menu / spawn-menu / map / comm-rose / HUD)
  • AAS game mode
  • 5 modified and expanded vanilla maps
  • Two custom factions (USMC / Russian Army)
  • 9 pre-fixed kits per faction
  • Modified vanilla vehicles (transport only)
  • Improved visuals (day-night cycle / weather)
VERSION 0.1+ - Search for optimal values, pacing and balance
  • All above mentioned polished
  • Resource mechanics
  • Custom maps
  • Playable vehicles, armor, and air units
  • More game modes
  • Commander role
  • Map Editor
VERSION 1.0 - Grand release - finalized pacing, mechanics, etc.
  • TBA

If you wish to donate to the Battlefield 3: Reality mod makers, you'll find their Patreon page here.

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