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Clean Install tvOS 16 Beta on Apple TV HD Model [Tutorial]

Clean install tvOS 16 beta on Apple TV HD

We will show you how you can download and install tvOS 16 beta IPSW on your Apple TV HD model in a few easy steps.

Experience the Best of tvOS 16 Beta on Apple TV HD with a Clean Installation

If you are looking for just one reason why you should get yourself an Apple TV HD model, then let us give you just one right now - USB-C. Unlike the latest Apple TV 4K, the HD model still ships with a USB-C port which allows you to restore the device using iTunes and Finder. If you ever want to downgrade or just perform a clean installation, the Apple TV HD gives you the luxury of connecting it straight to your PC or Mac.

What this means is, you can go ahead and perform a clean installation of tvOS 16 beta on your Apple TV HD as the IPSW file is available straight from Apple’s Developer Program website. Of course, it requires you to sign up and part ways with $99 which we will not recommend if you are planning to test out tvOS beta only as the public beta will become available in a few weeks time. But, if for some reason, you are an Apple TV aficionado then go ahead and sign up here.

Once signed up, signed in and ready to roll, head over to the Develop > Downloads section on Apple’s Developer Program website. Once here, find the tvOS 16 beta and download the IPSW straight to your desktop. Once the download is complete follow the rest of the steps outlined below:

  • Use a USB-C cable to connect your Apple TV HD to your PC or Mac.
  • Launch Finder or iTunes and let the software detect your Apple TV HD.
  • Once detected, click on the tiny Apple TV like icon on the left of Finder / iTunes.
  • Now click on the Restore Apple TV icon while holding down the left Shift key (PC) or the left Option key (Mac).
  • Select the tvOS 16 beta firmware file you saved to your desktop.

iTunes / Finder will extract the firmware and restore it onto your Apple TV HD. The whole thing may take a while so be patient. Once it is complete, you will be asked to unplug your Apple TV from your PC or Mac and back into your TV, please do so.

That’s it, you can now test out tvOS 16 beta on your Apple TV HD in the freshest manner possible. Remember, it’s beta software therefore it will be rough around the edges.

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