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CoolStar Shares Upcoming Cheyote iOS 15 Jailbreak Details and Checklist for iPhone

Cheyote iOS 15 Jailbreak tool for iPhone

It was recently heard that the iOS 15 jailbreak tool will arrive soon for iPhone and iPad models. The Odyssey team is working tirelessly to bring the new jailbreak out of the development phase. The upcoming rootless jailbreak for iOS 15 will potentially be called "Cheyote" and developers have already begun sharing details. Scroll down to read more information about the subject.

CoolStar Shares Upcoming Cheyote Jailbreak Details and Checklist for iPhone Running iOS 15, Includes Safe Mode, Recovery Interface, More

The latest updates regarding the upcoming Cheyote jailbreak tool have been shared by CoolStar over at the Odyssey Discord channel. It describes the updates related to the features of the iOS 15 jailbreak and an updated to-do list. Based on previous information and teasers shared by the team, we can safely presume that CoolStar has been able to run the Cheyote Recovery interface. This includes the Startup Repair, Safe Mode, Telnet/SSH, and normal Boot.

Cheyote iOS 15 Jailbreak tool for iPhone

In a screenshot shared, later on, CoolStar confirmed that Safe Mode is still active on iOS 15. Other than this, the updated to-do list notes several tasks that have been completed that are related to the development of the upcoming iOS 15 jailbreak. You can check out the updated list below.

  • Breaking out of sandbox
  • Getting root
  • Getting read/write access to filesystem (except rootFS)
  • Breaking AMF/codesign
  • Running shell commands (some bugs remain)
  • Getting OpenSSH running
  • Getting legacy Odyssey launched injection working
  • Adding USB Ethernet debug support
  • Getting Userspace reboot working
  • Getting Cheyote recovery working
  • Getting system services started properly after an Underspace reboot (some bugs remain
  • Putting a bounty out of an iOS 15 jailbreak tweak to install for testing
  • Running tweak in Springboard
Cheyote iOS 15 Jailbreak tool for iPhone

While the items listed above have been completed, below are some elements that the jailbreak team is working on.

  • Fixing dyld hook
  • Fixing the Userspace reboot bug so that manual intervention is not required
  • Making sure injection works inside of App Store apps

The updated to-do list is a sign that the iOS 15 to iOS 15.1.1 jailbreak tool for iPhone and iPad will be released soon. However, the developers have not shared any potential release dates so far. Nonetheless, we will keep you posted with the latest, so be sure to stick around for more details.

This is all there is to it, folks. Are you anxiously waiting for the iOS 15 jailbreak? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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