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Counter-Strike 2 Datamining Potentially Reveals New Weapons, Mobile Ports, and More

Counter-Strike 2

Following rampant rumors and speculation, earlier this week Valve finally revealed Counter-Strike 2, a new version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive built on the Source 2 engine. Counter-Strike 2, which is in the midst of limited testing now, doesn’t really bring any new content to the table – it’s mostly about updating the existing CS:GO experience with improved visuals, “sub-tick” responsiveness, and more. That said, dataminers are already delving into CS2’s code, and it seems Valve has some more plans for the future.

Most of this information comes courtesy of well-known dataminer Gabe Follower, who has found references to several new weapons in Counter-Strike 2’s code. These include a bear trap, a fire grenade activated by a tripwire, and something simply labeled “pipe.” This could be exactly what it sounds like – a new pipe melee weapon -- or perhaps it could be a pipe bomb. It’s likely most of these weapons are destined for the Danger Zone battle royale/sandbox mode, as Valve tends to be very careful about adding weapons and potentially upsetting the balance of their core modes.

In addition to the new weapons, a reference to “mobile” has been found in the game’s files, raising the possibility of a mobile Counter-Strike 2 port. Of course, there is a possibility the “mobile” reference is simply a bit of leftover code from another game, but it’s unlikely. Per our dataminer, similar references can be found in games like Artifact and Dota Underlords that were released on mobile. Source 2 is actually more compatible with mobile platforms than its predecessor, so there’s nothing technical holding Valve back from doing it.

A new anti-cheat measure that will cancel matches if any skullduggery is detected may also be in the works.

Finally, it seems like a new Operation (Counter-Strike’s name for seasonal-style content) featuring plenty of new weapon skins, cosmetics, and more in on the way.

Of course, as always with datamining, don’t get too attached to anything that’s been leaked, as plans change and there’s no guarantee any of this will actually be released. That said, it definitely seems like Valve will be ramping up their rollout of new content following the release of Counter-Strike 2.

As mentioned, Counter-Strike 2 is currently in limited testing, with Valve selecting which players are allowed to participate. That said, the game files for CS2 have already leaked, allowing your to play the game offline (playing online with others will still require you to be invited to the beta).

Counter-Strike 2 is set to launch on PC sometime this summer.

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