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Homedead spaceDead Space Remake New Gameplay Footage Showcases Chapter 3

Dead Space Remake New Gameplay Footage Showcases Chapter 3

Dead Space

New Dead Space remake footage has been shared online, showcasing one of the game's chapters in its entirety.

The new footage, which has been shared on YouTube by YBR Gaming, showcases the game's Chapter 3. While the footage has been captured from an early build, so it is not representative of the final game's quality, even in this state, it is undeniable that the remake in development by EA Motive is looking very, very good.

Dead Space remake will come with plenty of new features not seen in the original, such as the complete removal of loading sequences, with the Ishimura being a single, interconnected location, zero gravity freedom, and much more.

  • Isaac is fully voiced: Isaac speaks up this time around, like yelling his teammates’ names when they’re in trouble or explaining his plans to fix the Ishimura’s Centrifuge and fuel lines. Hearing him take an active role in the team’s mission makes the entire experience feel more filmlike and authentic. 
  • Interconnected immersion: There are no loading sequences when Isaac hops aboard the Ishimura’s tram to quickly travel between destinations like Cargo and the Medical areas. This is all part of Motive’s goal for an immersive, connected setting.
  • Zero G freedom: In the original Dead Space, zero-gravity sections let Isaac leap across platforms using special boots. You now have the freedom to float in 360 degrees, lending to the spacewalk fantasy. Isaac also now has a propulsion boost, which is handy for dodging necromorphs lunging through space.
  • Intense new moments: During chapter 2 Isaac must obtain higher security clearance off the dead Captain’s Rig. The Captain’s corpse is attacked by an Infector, causing him to turn into a necromorph. In the 2008 sequence, players watch the change safely behind glass. In the remake, Isaac experiences this horrifying transformation up close and personal, harkening back to the dramatic real-time necromorph transformation at the beginning of Dead Space 2.
  • Circuit breakers: New junction boxes require Isaac to reroute power between different Ishimura functions. In one scenario, I needed to reroute power to a refueling station, and I could choose between cutting the lights or oxygen supply to make this happen. Situations like this allow players to pick their poison when need be – I chose to play in the dark rather than risk suffocation.

Dead Space launches on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S on January 27th, 2023.

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