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Downgrade iPadOS 16.1 to iPadOS 15.7 on iPad [Tutorial]

Downgrade iPadOS 16.1 to iPadOS 15.7.

Apple is currently signing iPadOS 15.7 which means you can downgrade iPadOS 16.1 on your iPad. Hurry up before the signing window closes.

Apple is Signing iPadOS 15.7 for iPad - Downgrade from iPadOS 16.1 Today or Else You'll be Stuck on What You Have Installed

If you've been waiting for iPadOS 16 to arrive, then today's your lucky day. You're probably too soaked up in what it has to offer and aren't even reading this. But, if you are reading this, it means iPadOS 16 didn't meet your expectations one bit and might be causing problems for you.

Don't panic, because at the time of writing, Apple is signing iPadOS 15.7, and you can downgrade to it as long as you're inside the signing window. Once that is closed, then you have no choice but to stick with iPadOS 16.1.

Hopefully you've made it here on time!

Backup Everything Right Away

Make sure you've backed up your data to a safe and secure location. This is basically a clean installation of iPadOS 15.7 therefore keeping your data nice and safe is absolutely key. You may use iTunes, Finder or iCloud to backup your data.

Download the iPadOS 15.7 Firmware File

You can download the iPadOS 15.7 firmware file by going to this link. Once you've sourced the firmware file for your iPad, simply save it to your desktop for later.


  • Connect your iPad to your PC or Mac using a Lightning or USB-C cable.
  • Launch iTunes or Finder, whichever is applicable to you.
  • Once your iPad is detected, it will show up as a tiny iPad-like icon in the corner, click on it to reveal more options.
  • Now, hold down the left Shift key (Windows) or the left Option key (Mac) and then click on the Restore iPad button.
  • Select the iPadOS 15.7 IPSW file you saved to your desktop.
  • iTunes / Finder will now verify the contents of the update and restore it onto your device. There is a chance that it might fail, forcing you to start over, especially if you downloaded the wrong IPSW file.

Once the installation is complete, you will be greeted with the Hello screen. At this point, you can either set up your iPad as new or just restore the backup you took ahead of this tutorial. Totally up to you how you want to go about this.

Remember, Apple will stop signing the iPadOS 15.7 firmware without warning. Once it does, the downgrade process will be completely disabled. You can then either upgrade to iPadOS 16.1 or stay on whatever firmware you currently have.

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