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Dragalia Lost will End its Service on November 30

Dragalia Lost

This year’s seen various gacha games experience the end of their lives. Games such as Brave Frontier had their own loyal fanbases but as such, have been shut down throughout the year. As of November, Dragalia Lost, another gacha made by Nintendo and Cygames, will be joining them.

Initially released in Q3 of 2018, the game’s seen new story content, gameplay adjustments, and, most importantly, new playable characters added to the game. The game’s imminent shutdown is actually a followup to an announcement all the way back in March, which mentions the game’s service discontinuation.

Back in March, Nintendo announced that the game’s final story chapter, Chapter 26 Part 2, would conclude the game’s story in July, with the entire game coming to an end at some point after that. Given that July’s come and gone now, well, we’re at the end of the line.

As of today, though, Diamantium, the game’s premium currency (think of it like Silver in Destiny 2 or Auric Cells in Dead By Daylight), is no longer purchasable. Meanwhile, the game’s Upgrade Essentials and Packs, which are purchased using Diamantium, cannot be purchased after October 30th, 2022, so even those have a limited time window.

As for when exactly the game will shut down, that will be on November 30th, 2022, at 1:00 A.M. After shutdown, the game will display an end-of-service notice upon startup, and you won’t be able to play it beyond that point. You’re better off deleting it after that since it won’t be getting future content in any capacity.

While it’s sad to see games like this end for their dedicated playerbase, Draglia Lost can take solace in the fact that it lasted far longer than BlazBlue Alternative Darkwar did (who didn’t even make it a full year without being shut down). Dragalia Lost is available to download on iOS devices and Android devices.

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