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DROP + MiTo MT3 Noctua Keycaps Offer Luxury & Style To Mechanical Keyboards

Noctua and luxury keyboard and audiophile designer website DROP create a specialized Noctua-based keycap set for mechanical keyboards. This unique keycap set combines Noctua's signature colorway with DROP's continual focus on design and function.

Noctua and DROP collaborate to create the DROP + MiTo MT3 Noctua keycaps for mechanical keyboards, offering style and functionality

DROP's latest keycaps set plans to be a fan favorite for PC and keyboard enthusiasts. Partnering with global cooling component manufacturer Noctua, the new DROP + MiTo MT3 keycaps set has the colors and quality of build from both companies. The new group is a collection of caps and kits to match the classic colorway found on Noctua's famous cooling fans.


Sporting beige alphas and brown modifiers, the new keycaps set will fit with almost any Noctua product. Designed by MiTo and made from Doubleshot ABS, the new keys are durable and resistant to fading from long-term use. Its MT3 scooped profile keeps fingertips focused for long typing sections, similar to how Noctua's cooling fans keep users' systems cool.

Image source: DROP


Noctua's title is derived from the scientific name of the owl—Athene —a species seen in ancient times and recognized as a symbol of wisdom. Today, the species is known for its smooth, silent flight, which Noctua seeks when they create a new cooling component for computer systems.

Noctua's NF-A12x25 fans, the NH-D15 cooling unit, and more offer premium use, silent running, and smooth functionality. Users can find the company's fans on gaming rigs, commercial data centers, and other PC systems, recognized for outstanding performance and unique beige-and-brown aesthetics. Noctua's owl logo is placed on the company's fans side-by-side.

Image source: DROP
Image source: DROP


This kit features Noctua's iconic beige alphas and brown modifiers. It offers coverage for 60%, 65%, TKL, HHKB-style, and Winkeyless layouts.

Image source: DROP


The Numpad keycaps feature beige numeral keys and brown symbol keys. It provides full Numpad coverage for full-size boards and other layouts with num pads.

Image source: DROP


This specific kit features seven keycaps to provide coverage for ISO / UK layouts. It includes ISO short shift, ISO big enter keys, and legend-correct keys for the ISO UK layout.

Image source: DROP


The Noctua hobbyist kit includes a collection of brown modifiers to make the entire Base Kit function row brown. It also has a selection of modifiers, multimedia keys for layouts like the 1800 and 96 layouts, and several novelty keycaps.

Image source: DROP


This kit includes beige keycaps for compatibility for Colemak, Colemak Mod DH, Dvorak, Programmer's Dvorak, Norman, and Workman keyboard layouts.

Image source: DROP


This kit provides standalone coverage for Preonic and Planck ortholinear keyboards.

Image source: DROP


This novelty keycap set offers an array of newly designed novelties, including the Noctua logo, the Noctua owl, various fans, and many fan speed control keys that can also serve as multimedia control keys.

Image source: DROP


Lastly, this set includes additional space bar sizes for any keyboard.

Image source: DROP

Specifications of the new keycaps from DROP:

  • Designed by MiTo
  • Profile: MT3
  • Material: Doubleshot ABS
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones

The estimated ship date of the DROP + MiTo MT3 Noctua keycaps is Sep 6, 2022.

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