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Evil Dead: The Game – All Survivor Classes Explained

Survivor Classes

Evil Dead: The Game lets you choose between four different Survivor classes, Leader, Warrior, Hunter, and Support. Each of them has unique skills and abilities. Leaders, for example, can buff their teammates, while Warriors are exceptionally good at melee combat. Hunters can help you find items, crates, and demon traps, whereas Supports are the glue that holds the group together, providing heals to their teammates.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about each Evil Dead: The Game Survivor class, with tips and tricks on playing them in the best possible way.


The Leader class is perfect for anyone who likes to be in charge when playing with other teammates. Leaders can improve their stats as well as the ones of the Survivors nearby, and their Fear level increases slower than the other classes. Their Skill tree will help you upgrade different abilities and raise your maximum health bar. You can also increase the number of ammo and matchsticks you can carry and power up the headshot damage.

Your teammates will rely on you when you play as a Leader, so be sure to practice against the AI first and upgrade your Skills before jumping into an online match.


Warriors are the ideal choice for everyone who wants to slay Deadites with an axe, a sword, or a chainsaw. They have more health than the other Survivors and can deal more melee damage to enemies. Their Skill tree will help you increase the power of your attacks, reduce incoming damage and decrease the amount of Stamina used for dodging, among other things. The ability Fear No Evil, in particular, can be extremely helpful, and you should focus on unlocking it as soon as possible: it will reduce the amount of Fear that you can receive from any source.

When playing as a Warrior, you will be in charge of taking the enemies off and protecting the other teammates, especially the Support. So, you might want to practice with melee weapons first.


Hunters are a versatile class and can fit into many different playstyles. They can deal more ranged damage to enemies than the other Survivors, carry more ammo, and their Stamina consumption is slower. Their Skill tree lets you increase the damage dealt with ranged weapons, power up your maximum Stamina level bar, and reduce the time needed to pick up items.

Moreover, Hunters are real specialists in finding items and consumables, so you can rely on them to locate supply crates and even temporarily disarm Demon traps.


Support players start each match with a Shemp’s Cola and an Amulet already equipped and can carry more health items than the other Survivors. If a Support uses a Shemp’s or an Amulet, teammates near them also benefit from that. Their abilities help reduce Fear levels for a short time and create a healing zone that all Survivors can benefit from. Support’s Skill tree lets you increase the battery life of your flashlight and your maximum level of health and can help you unlock other interesting abilities.

If you want to play as a Support, your main focus should be your teammates’ health and safety. You have plenty of options to assist them during the game.

Remember that picking a specific Evil Dead: The Game class doesn’t mean you will be forced to follow a particular playstyle. You will benefit from specific buffs for your character, but you will still be able to slay Deadites as a Support or use a rifle as a Warrior. Either way, you can find our tips on getting started as a Survivor in our guide.

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