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Evil Dead: The Game – How to Reduce Fear Level as a Survivor

Evil Dead The Game

When playing as a Survivor, you need to pay close attention to your Fear level. Evil Dead: The Game can be challenging for those who don’t lower this value before reaching its max. While it may seem easy to reduce and keep it under control during the tutorial, you will soon realize that it is one of the most challenging and punishing gameplay mechanics. Let’s see how Fear works and how to reduce it in-game.

How Fear Works

Being alone in the dark can be dangerous and scary. As a Survivor, you need to keep a close eye on your Fear level. It will inevitably increase as you go through the game if you go outside alone or find yourself in the middle of a fight. If not adequately lowered, a high Fear level could lead you to a massive defeat.

When Fear reaches its maximum level, you can be possessed by the Demon and start attacking your teammates, eventually dealing them massive damage. The Possession ends when one or more Survivors manage to kick the Demon out by beating you up. Moreover, when you get possessed, your Fear level will reset.

The Demon player will also try to scare you by setting up traps and summoning minions that will inevitably attack you. Your enemy’s goal is to divide you from the other Survivors: whatever happens, be sure to stick with your teammates and play together, better if with headphones and a microphone.

How to Check Your Fear Level

Your Fear level is placed on the bottom left of the screen, just under the health bar. You can check the Fear status of the other Survivors, as well, by looking at the same section of the monitor. You will also see how much health they have left and if they have any active Amulet.

When your Fear level gets too high, you will see a big text alert on the upper part of the screen. Be sure to reduce it as fast as possible, or the Demon will probably possess you.

How to Reduce Fear

Fear is not that easy to reduce, especially if you are playing against an experienced Demon. The only chance you have is to find a light source and stay close to it; it can be a lantern, a torch, or a bonfire. Be sure to carefully explore each map area, as you will need matchsticks to light the fire during the game.

Cabins also have lights and lamps turned on, so you can rely on them if you encounter an area of interest. You can use vehicles to move faster and reach the nearest well-lit area, but the Demon will notice that you have started the engine.

How to Slow Fear Down

Fear will increase through the match, and there is no way to stop it from growing, but you can slow this process down. To do that, you need to stick with your teammates and stay close to them during the entire game. Splitting up is always a bad idea in Evil Dead, as we have already mentioned in our tips and tricks on getting started as a Survivor. You have to be a real team player if you want to win.

If you get stuck on Evil Dead: The Game single-player mode, you can read our guide with helpful tips on beating each level and unlocking the rewards.

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