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Evil Dead: The Game – Tips and Tricks on Completing the Single-Player Missions

Even if Evil Dead: The Game is primarily an online multiplayer game, it also features single-player missions. They can be found under the Missions tab on the main menu, and upon completing them, you will be greatly rewarded.

However, the solo campaign can be tricky to finish: there are no checkpoints, so if you die at the end of a mission, you have to restart it from the beginning. This can be frustrating, especially if you get stuck on a particular game section. For this reason, we have put together five tips and tricks to help you succeed with Evil Dead: The Game Missions.

Stock Up on Ammo and Supplies

Before heading to the key areas of each mission, be sure to look for ammo and consumable items. There are plenty of them in the starting area and the surrounding cabins, but you can also find additional supplies if you explore the map. Be sure to have enough ammo, amulets, matchsticks, and Shemp’s Cola cans, or you will quickly die against the first horde of Deadites.

Keep the Deadites Far From You

You will soon encounter hordes of Deadites that will try to kill you as you go through each mission. While you might be tempted to confront them with melee attacks, you have a higher chance of surviving if you keep them at a distance with guns. Go for headshots to damage them as much as possible, and use short-range weapons, like a machete, a nailed bat, or a chainsaw, to finish any enemy that comes near you.

Keep Your Fear Under Control

As you go through each single-player mission, your Fear level will increase steadily, and you will have to lower it before the demon can take any advantage of that. You can reduce your Fear by approaching any light source, such as a lamp. Be sure to carry enough matchsticks with you because you will need them to light up lanterns and bonfires.

Look for Legendary Weapons

During each mission, you might come across one or more legendary weapons that will make your journey easier. They might not be placed on the standard path, so you need to explore the map carefully to find them. Use your flashlight when passing through the darkest areas; otherwise, you might miss something. Even if you don’t see any legendary weapon, you might still spot some valuable item to be used against Deadites.

Don’t Lose Your Hope

Evil Dead: The Game missions might look challenging to complete, as no error is permitted. When you die, it is permanent, and you have to replay the entire chapter again. While this may sound stressful, it is just a matter of practice: once you understand how to beat a specific section of the mission, it will not be a problem anymore. Keep calm and play wisely, and you will be able to unlock your well-deserved rewards.

Once you complete all the Evil Dead missions, don’t forget to read our Survivor and Demon guides to master the online multiplayer, also!

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