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Facebook is Pulling the Plug on Facebook Gaming App

Facebook is Pulling the Plug on Facebook Gaming App

The Facebook Gaming app was launched over two years ago, and today, the company has announced that they are pulling the plug on the app, and it will stop working on October 28th, later this year. Once it is shut down, the app will no longer be available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Gamers Will Have to Look the Other Way Now That Facebook Gaming is Coming to an End

Facebook launched the dedicated Facebook Gaming app on Android, and it gave mobile gamers an easy way of streaming their gameplays and sharing them with their friends, and even watching other streamers on their phones. The app also brought support for instant games that users could enjoy without having to download them onto their devices. While Facebook has decided to kill the app, some of the features will remain on the main Facebook app, so that certainly is a good thing.

Facebook states, “Despite this news, our mission to connect players, fans and creators with the games they love hasn’t changed, and you’ll still be able to find your games, streamers and groups when you visit Gaming in the Facebook app.” 

Although Facebook Gaming users will find some of the features in the main app, the latter does not seem to offer support for live streaming mobile games and since that was the main feature of the app, in the first place, the lack of this feature on the main app might turn the users away altogether.

Sadly, it is not clear why Facebook Gaming is shutting down but we do expect that the company will share more details once we are closing in on the shutdown.

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